Free loaner program

Thank you for expressing your interest in our free W&H surgical equipment service in your recent W&H equipment repair process. We would like to inform you that our FREE loaner program is managed by Global Dental Shop, an authorized specialty dealer of W&H. All of the customers who have purchased their surgical unit and handpiece from or will be eligible for this free loaner program. We have introduced this as part of our legendary service to oral surgeons, periodontists and implantologists.


Loaner Policy

Being without your surgical unit and handpiece when it is time for surgery can be a major problem for any clinician. We recognize that you rely on your W&H surgical products every day in order to take care of your patients. At GDS we understand how hard it can be and that is why we are offering you a free loaner surgical unit or handpiece until you receive your own unit or handpiece back from W&H repair center.


Here are some helpful tips if you are planning to benefit from loaner program:

  • You must be a current GDS customers. The unit or handpiece which you are sending for repair must have been purchased from Global Dental Shop. If you purchased your surgical unit or handpiece from another vendor, you will not be eligible for the GDS free loaner program.
  • We have a limited number of loaner surgical units and handpieces. We are committed to accommodating you, but this service is not guaranteed, and it is subject to availability of loaner products.
  • A loaner surgical unit and handpiece will be provided free of cost, however you are responsible for any and all repair costs if the loaner product is miss-used or damaged while in your possession. When you return the loaner product, it will be inspected by W&H in-house certified technicians.
  • Any surgical unit or handpiece older than five (5) years will not be eligible for the GDS Loaner program.